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You Get OUT what you put IN. Entrepreneurship requires much discipline.

I love this quote. “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.” Do you agree? I honestly think I’ve seen this in real life. Let me tell you why. If you don't have discipline if you don't have the commitment, and if you don't have passion, you will simply work hard and burn out. Trust me. You can work so hard and you can be so very talented, and achieve nothing but running in circles. Without getting anything done.

This reminds me of the movie. Rudy. You remember this movie right? This was a movie about a high school student with aspirations to play college football at Notre Dame. He had a game plan. He knew exactly what he wanted and wasn't afraid to fight for it. His journey was not easy, and even after his plan failed he got knocked down. He got up each and every time. Literally! Rudy wasn't the smartest, he wasn't the most talented player. And he was definitely considered too small for football. But he showed up ready, excited, and willing to give it his all every single day.

Today I challenge you to ask yourself. How disciplined am I? Do you hold yourself accountable or do you let yourself off the hook? These are tough questions, but it makes a difference. The truth is you have to be honest with yourself. What do you do when no one else is watching?

Disciplined - Showing a controlled form of behavior or way of working.

Let’s take a few steps back. First, you have to understand self-discipline. This means taking a deep dive and looking into yourself and being honest. A lot of times we let ourselves off the hook because we technically don't have to hold ourselves accountable. Especially if you don't want to. It can be even harder if you don’t have someone in your life that you can count on to push you closer towards your goals.

I'm sure we can all admit to having a little bit of a procrastinator mentality on certain things that we just don't love to do. So I want to challenge you to change that mindset. It’s time to flip that switch and become better at organizing your thoughts. It starts with developing a better system for getting things 100% done. I like to think about it as being productive and learning how to enjoy this time instead of dreading it. Let’s be honest, there are always going to be certain things that we don't really enjoy doing but they have to be done. Start by focusing on the actions you need to take and getting excited about finally seeing the results that you want.

This is where being honest with yourself comes in. Becoming disciplined requires you to have a positive attitude, a humble heart, and lead with integrity. You have to put in the work in order to get a return on your investment. Stick to it and be committed to your goals.

Let's talk about these investments. You'll have to invest your mind. On some occasions, it may cost you so you'll have to spend money in order to see the results. Investments aren’t always about money. There will be other times you'll be required to sacrifice more crucial things. Like sleep, or sacrifice your time. Those good old days when you used to spend time doing extracurricular activities that were really just based on consumption and not productivity. So this is how you have to start your mindset shift so that you can be dedicated to doing the work and the proof will be in the results that you get. Because your results will reflect your investment.

Here are five things you can do right now.

Number one. Create a schedule and be consistent. This may not be your normal idea of a schedule and will not only be used for blocking time. It will also be pivotal in your day-to-day workload. You will use it to ensure each step of the process is completed before going to the next.

Number two. Always be aware of your goals as the weeks and months go forward. Never take your eye off of your commitment. You are investing the time to get the results that you want to be aware of how far you've come and how much further you need to go. Celebrate each step of the way.

Number three. There are always going to be distractions and triggers when trying to change your habits and routines. Be aware of this. Soon you will start to recognize when you're wasting your time. Stay committed and make a mental note of that trigger so you can shift your focus and regain control. This also includes admitting when you don't have control over things. Growth comes from seeking new outcomes and not repeating old situations. Don't get caught up you’ll just be wasting your time. Again.

Number four. Have a backup for your backup. Then be intentionally proactive. If you can, always be two steps ahead of where you want to be. Then when setbacks happen, you will have a backup plan and be prepared to shift and pivot as needed. Believe me, things won't fall into place exactly as you planned, so having a backup allows you to think through the actions you need to take when (and if) anything happens.

Number five. Take time to visualize and really see the BIG picture. Understand the work and the steps required in order for you to get the job done. Use technology and outsource help as needed to compensate for areas that you need assistance. You only know what you know, so don't overthink it. Stay in your lane and don’t rush ahead.

Being talented and dedicated and disciplined will give you the fuel you need to win. Having 30-day goals for yourself and your business allows you to be committed to personal growth and makes room for your vision to grow too. You will see that green light emerge as you begin to knock out the goals you set every single month. You can stay the same or your can choose to change. The choice is up to you. You never know what will happen if you never take a moment and try.

I want to remind you to be more like Rudy. Be disciplined. Stay on task. And believe in your greatness.

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