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Entrepreneurship is not only a journey.
It’s about creating a lifestyle.

Bridgette A. Rooks

CEO | Cre8tive Vibes

Mindset & Brand Development Coach

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Hey, it's Bridgette, the host of the Entrepreneur Lifestyle Podcast.

My mission is to help aspiring entrepreneurs turn their fears into profits. It takes a complete Mindset Makeover and the implementation of new routines to build a strong foundation for your vision. Entrepreneurship is not only about the journey. It’s about creating a lifestyle that will guarantee the growth and development your business needs so you can make money doing what you love.

You were born to Be and Do great things

As a Creative Brand Manager, I have embraced my ability to see the bigger picture. My Company, Cre8tive Vibes, supports aspiring entrepreneurs in the development phase of building their business. I have the best job! I get to enjoy helping passion-driven daydreamers, set goals, stop overthinking, get organized and bring their visions to life every day. 

Ps. You were born to BE and DO Great things.

So wake up each day and  GO BE GREAT!


It’s the Entrepreneur Lifestyle with

Bridgette Rooks

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