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Slow Down Now to Win In 2023

January is a time for rest. While others may be rushing around you, I challenge you to slow down. Every year we are faced with the pressure of new goals, what do we want to achieve? So we dive into ideas and begin accepting new opportunities for the new year. Don't get me wrong, I love goal-setting and planning for the future. It's pretty much what I do for a living. So I get it. It is easy to start the new year excited full of energy and ready to take action. But this year I want you to do things a bit differently. Let's slow things down in January. Set your goals, and make the plans, but rest this month. Using this time as a resting period will provide the focus and clarity needed to run the race.

Here are 5 things to focus on in order to slow down and Keep Life Simple in 2023.

🌱 Focus on your body. Be aware of how you want to look and feel each day. Be intentional about what you eat, and how you move, and make your mental health a priority. Commit to feeling good about exercise and eating healthy. #daily

💸 Spend less, save more and invest in your future. Commit to scaling back, being more frugal, and start sacrificing. Replace old habits and put an end to overspending and impulsive buying. Declutter, purge, and simplify. #lessismore

🙏🏼 Be grateful for everything you already have. Learn to respect and cherish the gifts you have right now. Take nothing for granted. It could all be gone in minutes. #gratitudepractice

💟 Make yourself a priority. Giving to your family, career, and friends is holding you back. Don't forget about your personal passions and make YOU a priority. #selfcarematters

🫶🏽 Be kind. Be present. Be aware. Most people don't have what you have. Many are not exposed to all of the opportunities you have access to each day. A smile is free and a hug is life-changing. #loveispowerful.

Keeping life simple and learning how to minimize to maximize your life takes time. There's no magic wand and it won't happen overnight. Just remember that it starts with your mindset. You have to choose to do things differently. You must be dedicated to and commit to change in order to seek and obtain a new result. Change begins when you are ready to be changed by maintaining a fit life, to working on changing your spending habits. It's all up to you to work on becoming the best version of yourself. You are in charge of this change. No one else can force you into this lifestyle. It's up to you.

Slow down. It's time to live a simple life by creating new habits and breaking the old habits s that are keeping you from growing in life. This is The Simple Life Formula. Once you start it will help you simplify your thoughts, manage your actions, and help maximize your results.

Slow down this year. Keep Life Simple 🤍



Your Cre8tive Mindset Coach


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