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Yep, I'm That Weirdo Taking a Selfie

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Do you ever feel like "wait a minute… Uggh..why do I feel like everyone seems to be watching me? I can't do this!!"

I get it! It can be totally uncomfortable to be "that weirdo" while you are out and about. But it's time to accept your new title and start enjoying your day while capturing images and moments for your social media. Being a shy aspiring entrepreneur won't last long. I want to encourage you to block out the noise and make your magic.

I remember the times walking through the mall or shopping with my daughter, who at the time was a teenager. She was always taking pictures with her phone. I mean, stop propping up her phone and pose. Several poses. Honestly, she could care less who was watching. I always admired that about her. I guess that's why she's on her way to being a professional photographer now. She never allows what's happening around her to get in the way of capturing a moment. We can learn a lot from these young Gen Zer's and Millennials. Startin by not just watching them and judging them but learning how to be fearless and confident.

The truth is there's always going to be someone watching you no matter what, even if you're not recording or taking photos. People these days are just nosy. So when you're out and about, be intentional. Especially if you know you're writing a blog post, planning your monthly newsletter, or need images for next month's social media strategy.

Confidence is something that you will have to build. Once you get comfortable it will become easy. But doing this requires you to take action. It's totally up to you to take control of your time.

Think about it like this, once you move past a special moment that you could have captured, it's gone. So don't be discouraged by people watching. Block out the feeling of "Oh No... What are they thinking of me?" And stop psyching yourself out of doing what you need to do for your brand.

As you know everything is about your mindset, so it's very important for you to train yourself to not think negatively about technology or use what you have at the moment to get the job done. Just slow down and capture the best photo or video you can. It doesn't need to be perfect. But don't rush.

It's 2022 now and we've had cell phones and video cameras and selfie sticks and all of the equipment and tools to make taking pictures while you're out easier. Not only pictures but recording videos too. As you know, most of the social media platforms are leaning towards video and the algorithm is pushing those posts to the top forefront of the news feeds. So be mindful as you are creating content that includes videos so that you are not always searching for repurposing someone else's content. But you're capable of capturing your own videos, your own moments, your own images, and making your content the best representation of your brand.

Today I'm going to share a couple of tips that will allow you to take control of your content while you are out and about.

Five tips for content creating on the go.

Number one - Stop worrying about who's watching. The best way to do this is just black out the noise, The people who are checking you out or wondering what you're doing or just that they're just looking and just thinking. So don't allow their non-involvement in what you're doing to distract you from being intentional about your content.

Number two - Take lots of photos and tons of video clips. You can always edit and delete these photos later, but if you don't take time in the moment to capture those moments, you'll miss out. And be mindful that you can use similar photos for different types of posts. You can use one for your cover image. You can use one for a real post and you can also use multiple images in a carousel post on Instagram.

Number three - Make sure you're telling a story. A good best practice is to start planning your outings to include moments that are in sync with your brand. I know that every time you go out you're not going to be doing something that has to do with your business, but when you do, maybe throw in a few places that inspire you. Then pop in for a couple of minutes and capture some pictures and video clips for your social media. Don't overthink it.

Number four - Make notes of how you're feeling or any thoughts that are created while you are capturing these moments. Use your phone and record a voice note or have a notebook or journal handy in order to write down captions for future posts. It makes it easier to remember what your plan is once you go back to start writing the captions for your social post for the month.

Number five - Have fun. I know it can be overwhelming if this is the first time you're starting to create your own content. But don't get stuck in your old mindset. It's time to branch out and try something new. Get uncomfortable! You'll be surprised how much fun you can have when you start intentionally putting your social media to work for you.

The whole purpose of social media content creation is to be on brand and always speak to your ideal client. As an aspiring entrepreneur, this may be difficult to do. Having intentional messaging and branded content requires focus and determination. No more random posts on your business accounts that will confuse future or potential clients. Keep it simple and focus on what's important. And that's capturing the moment.


Overcome your fears and take control of your thoughts and mind. Are you ready to create the outline for your vision? Nothing would change until you make up your MIND to change.

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