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I Help Aspiring Entrepreneurs Transform their Mindsets to Cre8te a Brand & Lifestyle they'll Love

 Start Setting Attainable Goals, Cre8te a Realistic Action Plan, and Prepare to Live Life on Purpose!

Entrepreneurship is a Lifestyle


Bridgette A. Rooks

CEO - Cre8tive Vibes

Mindset & Brand Development Coach | Podcast Host

Your Mindset is 


I struggled for years until I realized that nothing would change until I made up my MIND to change.

I Needed a Mindset Makeover!


not sure where to start?

The1st step is getting your thoughts and ideas organized and becoming mentally prepared for entrepreneurship.  Through strategic planning and creative brainstorming, you can do just that.

overcome your fears one step at a time

This is a transformatio

Grab your 30-Day Goal Setting Planner


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Image by Minh Pham
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My mission is to help aspiring entrepreneurs transform their mindsets and adopt an entrepreneurship lifestyle.

Entrepreneurship is not only a journey. It’s about adjusting your mindset. And being open to learning new habits and routines that will allow you to manage this lifestyle. Making your mindset a priority will guarantee the personal growth you need to develop a business that makes money doing what you love. 

Remove Fear and Overwhelm & Follow My 7 Step Formula for Living life on purpose. 

How hard are you willing to work for your dream?

Start the MakeoverTakeover Now!

Grab your 30 Day Goal Setting Planner and Experience the Mindset Makeover Online Course. Start making the changes in your life today that will change your tomorrow.

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Breaking down your big goals into small, obtainable, monthly goals makes it easier to identify what you need to do to achieve your goals. It’s also is a way to hold yourself accountable for doing the work.


Now let’s get to work on those goals! Ready?

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